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284 - Historia de Pantera y su Sombras | spoils

ViestiLähetetty: Ke Heinä 18, 2007 12:18
Kirjoittaja Jokke-pappa
Himajinilta väittävät tämän olevan.
yanniv@mh kirjoitti:グッジョブの出生のひみつ
Grimmjow's birth secret

Grimmjow has the willpower to revolt even though he has been defeated.

Grimmjow: "... to continue."

A tearing sound and Grimmjow goes full throttle.

Pari kuvaa spacecatilta.

Re: 284 | spoils

ViestiLähetetty: Pe Heinä 20, 2007 14:18
Kirjoittaja Jokke-pappa
Olipas hyvä etten postannut eilen lukemaani summarya, se kun olikin kuviin sopivaksi runoiltu feikki. Tämän pitäisi olla aito.
Annie@bleach asylum kirjoitti:Bleach 284 - Historia de Pantera y su Sombras

From Ichigo's attack he injured GJ and GJ fall. However GJ grapped Tensa Zangetsu said 'Did you can win...with something like this?' Then he attacked Ichigo with Orihime screaming 'Kurosaki Kun!!!'

Then it was about how menos are born. We understand that Gillains were born from hundreds of hollows that pile and mix together. They ate other hollows instead of human souls.

However, gillians who were born this way sometime one might not really lose itself. This gillian would eat other gillians and if it eaten enough it would become 'adjucha'. The problem is if they don't continue to eat, they would return to gillian form. And once that happen, they would lose their conscious and could never return to adjucha ever again.

Then we have GJ's flasback where GJ in his original form attacked a hollow. Suddenly he was surrouded by four hollows (his fraccions but all of them were in their original form except one who still looked like a gillian)

Shawlong complimented GJ and asked for his name 'Impressive. What is your name, Adjucha?' He replied and then Shawlong asked him to join them. Then they bowed to GJ. Shawlong said 'We don't plan to be only either Gillian or Adjucha. We plan to be vastlord one day. And for that, strengths are important. Strengths that could push us to that point and you are the one who have them.' And continued 'Come with us GJ. From now on you are our king.'

Back to the fight, GJ's attack injured Ichigo's stomach. He jumped back a little but still staring at GJ which have him all angry again 'You're always like this. No matter how many time I beat you, you still think you could win. Still think you're stronger!! This is pissing me off!!!'

Ichigo laughed and replied 'Piss off about what? That a mere human like me could be at your level?' Which earned Ichigo another punch in the stomach then a kick from GJ.

"No! Either you're a human or a shinigami or arrancar it doesn't matter. Whoever dare look at me that way I'll kill them all!'

Gj re-appeared behind Ichigo 'You're the first one did this, Kurosaki Ichigo!' then all his nails were glowing and said 'take this.'

I'm pretty sure I made some mistakes since I'm sick right now so I apologies. But someone might come and correct them later.

Re: 284 - Historia de Pantera y su Sombras | spoils

ViestiLähetetty: Pe Heinä 27, 2007 23:49
Kirjoittaja circol
Saa nähä onko Ichigolla enään mitään mitä vetästä. Uskon Hichigon comebackkiin! Mut ois kyl sinäänsä vähän epätodennäköstä koska Ichigo buustas sille nii kun sai siitä yliotteen.