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bleach 275: United Front2 [Red&White] | scan

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bleach 275: United Front2 [Red&White] | scan

ViestiKirjoittaja charmander » To Touko 17, 2007 16:09


Renji and Ishida-What kind of tactics will they use?

Ishida: How long can you keep him occupied?
Renji: Around 20 seconds or so…
Ishida: That’s more time than needed! Let’s do it!
Zaeru: How interesting that you want to get involved considering the circumstances. Oh well let’s see what you got..

RED Renji
WHITE Ishida

Pesce comes from inside the wall, he mostly hides behind it anyways…he’s stuffing around watching or whatever and at that moment donchakka’s foot crashes through the floor. He is here because of following Renji etc Instead of getting involved in the battle I think he went and ate or something.So Pesce calls him a beast. (Well the writer wrote dialogue sometimes without being clear (for me anyways) who was saying it).But for now it seems impossible that there is a way to rescue Renji and Ishida from szayel.

They just carry on a bit, sorry I just couldn’t be bothered xD

Renji swings Zabimaru around, Zael’s shoulder is grasped, Zabimaru whirls round and round, Szayel isn’t very interested.

There is a huge difference in our strength if used in close combat, would it not be at least a little painful to receive my blow at this distance?

(Zaeru reacting I spose…)「!」

Renji says he never used to be any good with kidou and then does Destruction spell no.31 Shot of Red Fire.

There is a thunderous blast and explosion, Renji breaks down afterwards.

Zaeru is full of rage. He swears and is not dead of course xD

Ishida stands from the back and has a spiel.

With a smile he puts a weapon down and shoves it into the floor.

This is the plan.

Zael is surrounded by some kind of barrier
Zael: Idiot! Any weapon you create with reiatsu is blocked in this room..

Ishida (I guess):There are some things in this world you don’t know about.

He takes one of the little silver pipes in his hand

Ishida: Allow me to explain the situation…It’s over Zsayel aporro grantz.

Something pours out of the silver pipe

szayel: Sh………………Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ishida vanisheds behind szayel wtf."



Recently, while Donchakka listens to the conversation between Ishida and Renji (sorry "Yaritoride" has some nuance that is similar to conversation but an exact translation is not necessary for the meaning)
Ishida: How many seconds are you able to stop Glasses?"

恋次「20秒だ」 石田くん「それだけあれば十分」
Renji: 20 seconds
ishida: Even that will be plenty

Renji challenges glasses with his 力押 (not an actual Kanji combination. Might be shikai)

Glasses again laughs sarcastically (sniggers) at the shikai (I am guessing shikai no clue though)

This sentence is hard but (Megane attacks renji deceptively but when renji parrys he is glued to Megane)

Renji: As of expected you are able to take a blow from 0range, didn't it hurt a little bit?

megane's facial expression changes.

恋次「破道三十一 赤火砲」
Renji: Hadou #31 - Shakkahou

Big Explosion

Glasses: Whaaaa

Glasses took damage, and before he knew it Ishida appeared on the ground behind him and shot glasses with 5 arrows.

Ishida: it's over Zaeru Aporo Grantz


The End
electric sushi
electric sushi
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ViestiKirjoittaja Nixu » La Touko 19, 2007 02:34

Joo oli kyllä hyvä chappu. Tykkäsin Renjin tyylistä.. Aika badass *nodnod*
Ishida näytti taas uuden tempun, mutta silti vähän epäilyttää, että ne vielä muka sai sen Espada hemmon listittyä..
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S-class mage
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ViestiKirjoittaja Jokke-pappa » La Touko 19, 2007 05:56

tänks chauron
~Life is a Bleach and then you Dye~ (c)Ave
Lucy kirjoitti:Muuton takia alkoi kolmen kuukauden Xbox-vieroitus :'C
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Lion Heart
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ViestiKirjoittaja Nixu » La Touko 19, 2007 12:42

friutiu kirjoitti:ja parempi olisi ettei renjiä tapeta. o_o

Ei Kubolla ole pokkaa tappaa yhtään päähenkilö, mikä on IMO sarjan huonoin puoli...
S-class mage
S-class mage
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ViestiKirjoittaja Silja » La Touko 19, 2007 12:52

No jaa. Vänkkä, vänkkä, ei mitään uutta. Toivottavasti saadaan tämä taistelu seuraavassa chapussa päätökseen, alkaa maistua jo hieman puulta, kunhan ei vaan näytetä Chadoa seuraavassa...
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