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288 - The Bad Joke | scan

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288 - The Bad Joke | scan

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Scan by Mangashare

Nocturne@mh kirjoitti:SPOILER!! BLEACH 288-THE BAD JOKE

Thanks to Drake from Pantip <33

The reason why Ishida and Renji couldn’t escape from this area is because every wall has cameras in it and every paths in this area can be changed up to Aporro’s will.

“So stop making face like that. Your face’s as if telling me that it’s a bad joke to walk that far and climb those high stairways, but you came back to the same place.” Said Aporro

He’s drawing his sword slowly and quietly.

“Instead of laughing over that little stuff, I think that me being beaten by a trash like you until I need to release my full power was look more like a bad joke”

When he finished his speech, he held his sword above his head and open his mouth widely

“Sip Fornicarus” (A Slut Queen)

He swallowed his own Zanpakotou down his throat.

His body swelled like a balloon and moaned continuously. As if a slut’s having sex, his fat body’s shuddering and starting to explode. While his sword’s going down through his throat, red blood spill out from his body continuously.

(Sorry, but I think I should stop translating his transformation here. It’s too disgusting from what I read. So let’s wait for the RAW)


“Sorry for a long wait, so shall we begin the second act? Oh no... The correct one is shall we end this second act?”

After his words, dark colored fluid like blood was suddenly spreaded from his back. “Get away, don’t touch it even a little!!” shouted Ishida

Ishida and Renji had no troubles in dodging that fluid, though Dondojack and Pechhe were having a hard time at it. Finally, Dondojack’s mask was dirt by it. The liquid changed into another Dondojack, except for around his eyes that had the same drawing on Aporro’s face.

While everybody was shocked by the thing in front of them, that fluid’s spreading around and touching their body. In a second, that huge of liquid was transformed into Renji, Ishida and Pecche. It copied everyone more than five for each person.

The laughing sound of Aporro echoed throughout the room.

“….Then, all the actors are here, so let’s play” He sat on one of the head of his fraccions. “Only judge by a look, you will know that these copies have the same abilities with the original. If you don’t fight at your full power, you’ll die”

“However, I will tell you something good” smiled evilly Aporro. “I cancel all the system that conceals your abilities in this room. So, you may fight with yourselves as you like”

His laugh was as if a signal to start the fight. “So, this means defeat yourself before defeat an enemy. Sounds like a philosophy. This is such a bad joke”

The scene changed to the fight between Ichigo and Nnoitra. Ichigo could hold against Nnoitra pretty well that Nnoitra surprised. He ask Ichigo if he ever fought with an enemy using a long weapon. Ichigo accepted that this is his second time.

Even though Ichigo had an experience of fighting this kind of enemies before, his tiring body was his disadvantage. The hit in abdomen by Nnoitra’s weapon bounced him off and made him laid on the ground.

Orihime who saw Ichigo was beaten like this, shouted in protest that Nnoitra’s cheating because Ichigo’s still injured. Nnoitra shouted back “So what? This is a fight. It’s normal that it’s not fair.” He still explained more “Originally, the fight is an evil of unfairness and cruelness. If you don’t like them, want to defeat them and don’t forgive them, it is a fight at the moment you’ve created your enemies.”

Here stared Nnoitra at Ichigo.

“You came to the enemy’s territory and fought with others like that, you still hope that no one is going take advantage of you. It’s a bad joke, Shinigami.”

Ichigo did not bother at Nnoitra words even a bit, but he stared back with the equal intention “Come”

”I remember everything in your fight with Grimmjow” Nnoitra smiled evilly again. “Whatever you have, I know them all”

The words from Nnoitra’s mouth made Orihime speechless.

This stressful situation continued, but no one noticed a little Arrancar who's hiding herself behind the ruined wall at the back of Orihime and Tesla.

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